Wednesday, November 21, 2007


In the spirit of Thanksgiving being tomorrow I thought I would list some things I'm thankful for. These are in no particular order, just the order that I think of them in.

Friends that know what to say to cheer me up when I'm having a down day, that have kept talking to me even though I'm so far away, and who don't make the silence awkward when we have nothing to say. (I didn't mean for this to be poetic but whatever.)
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Family that is there no matter what.

Knowing that I have less than three months until I can go home and hang out with said people.

Technology that allows me to write this and keep in contact with the world.

Planes to fly in so I don't have to ride a boat all the way across the ocean and then a train or bus across the US. (Although that would be way fun!)

Erasers so I can fix mistakes when I do Soduko or crossword puzzles.

Fountain pens with erasable ink so I can fix mistakes when I write in my journal or write letters to people.

Cameras that allow me to have a hobby and maybe someday a profession.

Photo editing softwares that let me fill in my free time with changing colors and textures and things of pictures I take.

Euros that are doing so much better than the dollar right now which means when I go home and exchange my money I will get more bang for my buck.

Video iPods that store all my music, photos and videos and allow me to have entertainment as I travel, read, do homework, sleep, or anything really.

Döners that are so delicious it should be illegal.

Frozen, already prepared food that is easy to make and has just the right amount of food for a hungry person like me.

The sun that gives me light and warmth, even though sometimes it is deceitful.

The moon that is just amazing to stare at.

The stars that dot the night sky that let me play connect the dots in whatever order I want to.

Screenwriters that write all the tv shows and movies that I like. They should work all that out and get back to writing.

Video games that help to improve my finger coordination.

Heaters that actually work and help to keep me warm during the cold winter months.

Lamps that light my way so I don't get scared of the dark.

Peanut butter which is just so tasty. If it had cheeks I'd pinch them.

Any candy with peanut butter in it because anything with peanut butter is good. Well, almost anything.

Good health so that I'm not constantly getting poked and prodded by doctors to figure out what's wrong with me.

My scooter that helps me get around the neighborhood and campus back home.

My longboard and skateboard which have both taught me that I need to practice more before I go down really steep hills without a helmet.

The game of raquetball which has provided me with hours of fun, (sometimes unhealthy) competition and exercise.

Frisbees without which I would have nothing to do with friends on long summer afternoons.

Snowboards which provide the same thrill of longboarding but with a much softer landing.

Tissues so that you can blow your nose instead of having snot run down your face and then throw away because carrying your snot around with you is just weird.

Backpacks that let me carry all my stuff in around town or around campus.

Bikes used as an alternative to cars. Economical and healthy.

Life vests so I don't drown in water.

The flight instructions you get every time you fly in case of some emergency.

Everyone on flight United 93 that fought the terrorists.

Firepeople, policepeople, and those in the armed services that everyday work and risk their lives to protect our freedom and try to maintain control.

Monday, November 19, 2007

German Music

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