Friday, May 2, 2008

Life is great

Wow, I have sucked at this for the past month. Woops! Now that I have a set schedule and I'm not quite so busy I'm going to be better. Or try at least. First we'll do a job update. I quit Dan Jones for good, I'm never going back! It's official. I've done it twice and I don't ever want to do it again. Not that it was a bad job but two years is more than enough phone bank work for me. Right now I work for Granite School District as a teacher's assistant which basically means I make copies, answer the phone, help keep the class in order and occasionally take over the class (like today when the teacher isn't here and there's no sub). It's not at an actual school, we take kids that are 7th-12th grade who mostly are in the state's custody for whatever reason and can't go to their own school. We usually have around 8-10 kids, some times more and some times less. Today most of the kids got to go on a therapy related field trip and there are only 3 kids that I have to worry about. Fridays are nice though because we only have a half day of class and most of the time other people come in to teach lessons, like life skills and effects and things of drugs and alcohol. I will only have an hour to take the class. I really like my job though. It's the best thing since sliced bread. Okay, maybe not that cool but I really do think it's a great job. It's the first job I've had that I actually enjoy going to every day.

Other than work life is great. Just hang out and try to keep myself busy in the afternoons. I play ultimate frisbee every Monday night with a group of people which I love! It's so nice to be able to play again. So great! Any way, I need to get to work. The lady "teaching" life skills is about to leave so it's time for me to get these kids to work. I'll be better about writing.