Sunday, November 9, 2008

First talk

Earlier today I had my first talk with my bishop about going on a mission. As soon as that magic word came out of my mouth he started beaming from ear to ear and even got a little emotional when I told him my story of how I came to my decision. Three of his children have gone on missions, two of which were daughters, and he said it is an amazing thing as a parent to watch a young woman go on a mission because you know they are going because they want to.

Unfortunately I am in a very young singles ward, we were just formed in August, and my bishop has never actually done this process before. I suppose I should have warned him why I wanted the interview, but since I took him by surprise I have to wait until Wednesday to start the paperwork. He has only been through a walk through of how to get it all set up as part of his training as a bishop so he couldn't get the things started online quite yet.

I suppose I'll post again on Wednesday when I actually get my papers started. I already have a dentist appointment set up and an eye appointment. All I need is a complete physical and I should be set as far as medical appointments. Things are all happening so quickly, it's amazing. I couldn't be happier.