Wednesday, October 29, 2008

For some reason...

So I made my decision (in reference to an earlier post) but for some reason I am finding it very, VERY hard to tell my parents. I don't get it, they aren't scary people. And it's not like I decided to go kill someone, this will be a very good thing, only blessings can come from it. So why is this so hard? I have blown many opportune moments. I just need to blurt it out but that obviously hasn't happened yet since I made the decision weeks ago.

Hopefully this weekend will give me some courage. I'm going to visit my sister and some old friends in Colorado, maybe they will be able to say the right thing to make me actually tell my parents. I keep telling myself I will do it but when it gets right down to it I can't figure out the right words to say or how to change the topic to me going on a mission... It's a big choice, you'd think I'd want my parents help. Why can't I just tell them? Why do I have to be so intimidated?