Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chocolate Milk

I went to the temple today with some others from my singles ward and it was totally fun.  On the way home we stopped by Sonic and got drinks and one of the girls paid for me because she is super nice (and because I was driving and it was a temple further from our houses) and it was just loads of fun.

That's when the bad stuff happened.  I think I may have lost over 200 unsaved pictures because my memory card decided to freak.  Then a friend stopped by unexpectedly which was great but we got on a topic that isn't fun for me and that I don't longer thinking about... Since it was our last topic it's on my mind now so I need to think about some thing other than that.

I love chocolate milk.  The picture is from a few days ago when I made myself a nice tall glass of chocolate milk.  As the chocolate was flowering from the bottle into the cup of milk it fascinated me how there was a little resistence on the part of the milk, forcing the chocolate to linger on the surface for a brief moment before falling silently to the bottom.  In my trance I didn't realize how much chocolate was actually going into my glass... It ended up being a lot.  Fortunately it made for a good photo opportunity.  It made me laugh.  Once I mixed it in and took a swig I laughed even harder (after the fact) because it tasted like Hershey's chocolate syrup.  So gross.  It was enough chocolate for at least two glasses of milk.

And there you have it, my chocolate milk experience to swallow down the bad taste still lingering in my mouth.

New job?

So for those who don't know I work as a teacher's assistant for a local school district here in Salt Lake. It's what I did before I went on my mission and now I'm back. It's been a great job and I've been lucky enough to work with an amazing teacher who makes being in a school fun (no matter how much I dislike schools in general). She is wonderful. I worked with her before and I'm working with her again and I love it. The thing I don't love is the fact that right now I can only work 15 hours a week. That's not much. Another thing is that I took a serious paycut, apparently the district cut the budget while I was away. It's about $4 an hour less! AHH! How do they expect me to live and pay my bills on that?

Well yesterday we were on our way home (I carpool with my friend/ the teacher I work with) and my phone rang. Usually I wouldn't answer but I was expecting a call so I pulled my phone out and looked at the number. It wasn't my granddad who I was expecting, but when I said the number my friend told me it was a district number so curiousity got the best of me and I answered. The woman on the phone introduced herself as a teacher at an elementary school and she saw my name on a list of people looking for teacher assistant positions. What?!? I don't remember putting my name on a list! She went on to say that the position is 29 hours a week (almost double my hours!) and asked if I had a job yet. (My head was reeling at this point!) I told her that I was already working at a school 15 hours a week so maybe I won't be able to do it... Then my friend whispered to me (now remember, she's the teacher that I currently work with) 'If it's a better position, take it!!' The woman on the phone said something I don't remember because I was so confused that I couldn't pay attention and then I asked how much the hourly pay would be. Her answer was one dollar more an hour than what I'm making now, but she added that if I have special ed experience (which I have) then that may, no promises, boost the digits a little.
My mind is blown! I was blindsided with this! It seems like a great position but at the same time I don't know. This new teacher works, as I mentioned, at an elementary school with children that have communication disorders (CD) and learning disabilities (LD). I am hesitant about this new job because the CD. That and when I started this job in 2008 I told myself that I couldn't work with little kids. But now, adding both of those together I don't really know what to think. What do I do? I need to call the new teacher later today or tomorrow morning.
Decisions, decisions, decisions...