Saturday, December 15, 2007

Random nonesense

I'm kneeling at my desk, because I'm sick of sitting, and I have a lot of thoughts going through my head so I thought I would blog them out of my system. We'll start with the freshest on my mind. I have this friend from a while ago that just got married in May. In all the pictures I've seen of them on her page on Myspace it seemed like they were really happy. Well over the past month or so I've noticed that she's been putting up a lot more pictures with some other guy. Turns out she's already getting divorced. Barely six months. It's sad really. There are people that practically make professions out of getting divorced (speaking generally know, not about said friend). Think about it, from a woman's perspective it's perfect. Marry some rich guy and as long as you don't fall for the pre-nup you're set, all that alamony. And even better, have a kid with the guy and get child support. Free money. Every woman's dream.
The other night I was alone with the girls and I didn't feel like making dinner so I spent three Euro and bought us each a burger from McDonalds. Mimi was in the car with me so I asked her if she would rather have a plain hamburger or a cheeseburger. She asked me what a cheeseburger is. Granted the word for cheese in German is Käse (KAY-suh) but still, a 7 year old that doesn't know what a cheeseburger is. It blew my mind a little.
Two months and counting! I am so excited to be going home it's unbelievable. I will go back to having a normal life with friends and a real job. And most importantly a family that isn't so strange to me. If I have ever talked to you about this family you know what I have to live with. Sure it's just because they are different than what I'm used to and every family has their own way of doing things but my goodness gracious these people are practically the other end of the spectrum compared to my family. They are so disfunctional that they are functional. But barely so. The dad is still attatched to his mom. The mom has little to practically no patience. The oldest child is a baby. The youngest child is probably the most sane from them all, but she's still young and naive. I just want to go home, have a social life again and start figuring out what I want to study at school.