Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Employed, not excited

So I need to do a slight update from my last blog. I am only working at Dan Jones and Associates doing telephone surverys. The job up at the U didn't pull through because of some differences I guess you could say. Basically we played phone tag but I didn't really feel like they were trying hard enough and didn't really want me to work there. I need managment that will take action and not call every few days even though I call every day. Not so cool.

There is another perspective job however working for my school district as an instructors assistant in schools mainly on the west side in classrooms where the students have hard lives, aka foster care or maybe druggie parents and things like that. I really want the job, I think it would be cool to help those kids. I love helping other people learn new things and seeing the moment where it clicks in their head and you just know that now they understand what's going on. It's a great moment. So we'll see how that all works out, hopefully for the best!