Saturday, January 29, 2011


What my week feels like

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Renewed Outlook

Yesterday turned into one of those "pity me" days, one of those days that everything seems to loom over you like a dark rain cloud and all you have is a tiny toy umbrella to keep you safe from the deluge of expectation and responsibility.

When the storm starts, however, you realize that it only falls one or two drops at a time.  Life is manageable.  We will conquer so long as we stop worrying that we get a little wet or that our hair gets a little tangled by the wind of adversity.  The reality is the Lord is my umbrella and He is one of those giant, family sized ones shielding me from the storm.  He takes on the real storm.  We just get the sweat from His hard work, the part that He has already experienced and knows how to best help us.

From now on I will trust the Lord to protect me, to teach me, and to guide me where I need to be.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Confused Emotions

Yesterday was one of the busiest days since I have been home from the mission.  I thought Sunday was supposed to be the day of rest but it seems like things just pile up.  I went to a friend's farewell, went to my own ward (including choir practice), went to the open house for said friend, went back to my ward for an interview with my bishop (at least I got to talk to a cute kid while waiting), ran home to pull brownies out of the freezer, went to the stake center so that I could have my interview with my stake president, went back home to grab said brownies and also grabbed an apple because at this point I was starving, went back to church for a fireside, and then finally got home to stay at 8.  That means about 11 hours of go, go, go!  When I got home I text one of my friends because she had had a bad weekend and I was chatting with another friend about our goals for life and how to fix things and be happy which both were a little emotionally taxing for me.  It was just a crazy day that didn't end well and the effects are carrying over to today.  I have been sassy and sarcastic with the teacher, a good friend of mine, which makes me feel worse.  Can this day be over now?  I don't care that it's only lunch time...