Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mission papers

So because I have such a great stake president that is super excited for me to go on a mission he made some time in his schedule today to meet with me about my mission papers. Actually it was kind of funny because as I was getting ready for church my mom called downstairs and told me someone was on the phone for me, and when she brought the phone down to me she whispered with a goofy grin "it's the stake executive secretary!". He called to set up an appointment for 5 this evening to meet with the stake president. At church I told my bishop and he was way excited for me, and he was surprised that the stake president was meeting with me so soon.

I went to my appointment and talked with the president for about 20 minutes. He asked me some questions, I answered them, he told me how excited he was for me and that he had me pegged as a missionary a long time ago. I don't know why everyone else saw me as a missionary but it took me by such surprise. Any way, at the end of the interview he said the papers will be in the missionary department office tomorrow and it'll be about 2 weeks before I get my call. After that the soonest I would leave is 5 or 6 weeks but it could be a few months before I go.

So now on to the stereotypical part of sending in mission papers, it's time for guesses. Let me know where you think I'm going to go. Maybe there will be a prize for who gets closest, but I haven't quite decided what that could be yet.