Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!

I'm going to try being better about updating this, but I know that since I've said that before it's not really anything to fully count on.

The holiday season is now over, thankfully!  Not that they were bad by any means, but I'm excited for life to be normal again.  Or again is the wrong term?  That implies that it was once normal...  Whatever.  A lot of things have changed in the past few weeks and next week brings a new beginning which I am very excited about.

The Tuesday before Christmas I was preparing to leave work (part time nanny) for the day when the mom started writing out my check.  In my head I was thinking, "That's odd, I don't usually get paid until Friday. Oh but they are going out of town, so this makes sense."  When the mom said, "So Maren, we decided that we aren't going to have anyone watch our daughter next year," I was in shock.  Actually I'm quite sure that my jaw actually dropped and I stared at her wide-eyed and mouth gaping for a second or two before muttering out an "Oh, ok..." and grabbing the check on my way out.  Now I'm left with unanswered questions: Was it me?  Did I do something wrong?  Are they just cutting back expenses?
I felt horrible and hopeless the whole way home, especially when I had to do some necessary grocery shopping.  I felt like I could have just mumbled under my breath, "Don't mind me, I just lost my job and have no money but still need to eat to survive" as I walked through the store comparing the price per ounce and pound of everything I bought.  When I got home I called a friend to vent and while talking to her I pulled out my computer to check my email.

I was expecting the usual email from Groupon and Boston Deals, which were both in there, but the first message in my inbox was from someone I didn't know.  The subject caught my attention so I opened it to read that he was the husband of someone who had recently been in contact with me about a full-time nanny position for a friend of theirs.  Things with that job didn't come to fruition, but this husband said that he has a colleague looking for a nanny.  A complete calm came over me and my actual thought at that moment was, "See?  When the Lord closes a door, He opens another one."  I knew it was irrational, but I knew that this was going to be my job.
The email had come just minutes before so I shot him an email right away saying that I was interested and would love for him to send my contact information to his colleague as he offered to do.  Again, within minutes, he replied saying that he had done such.  It was such a miracle!  Just hours later I had been in contact with his colleague and we were working on setting up a time to do a phone interview.  Over the next few days we exchanged emails, then we had a phone interview which lasted around 35 minutes, and we set up a time to meet in person.  The face to face interview went well and now with more emails being exchanged we are working out the finer details since I start work on Monday.  Woot!

Life has been so stressful, but it has been so interesting to watch how things have unfolded.  The reason that I'm here in Boston is still unclear, but with the experiences that I've had so far and the people that I have met I don't care why I'm here because I'm happy.  My testimony has grown, I have strengthened relationships, my appreciation for my family (most especially my parents) has astronomically grown, and while there may be rough patches I am a generally happy person.  This has been a wonderful experience and hopefully with this new endeavor I will be able to continue to learn and grow and thrive as I trust that the Lord has a plan for me.

We were not sent here to fail, but to act and to conquer.

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